Monday August 22, 2011 @ 5:12 pm
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Spamming y'all again to say: reverse bingo starts in 50 minutes. I've once again re-opened the Bingo Hall for commenting.

And in general, there are about four more hours left in the festival. Be sure to get some points in the following activities before they close!

Chocobo Races
Magic Pot Game
Trading Card Booth

This one's been extended 'til Wednesday:

Hunters Guild

And these have been extended until Saturday!

Battle Arena
Chocobo Hot 'n' Cold
Specialty Job Class Rating -- check out the apps at [ profile] ivalice_rating!
Thursday August 18, 2011 @ 5:11 pm
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This is just to say that bingo starts in just 50 minutes. The Bingo Hall is now open for commenting. Grab your card!

And of course, don't forget about all the other activities going on. Hunts and Chocobo Races go on every two days, and every so often spots open up for Chocobo Hot 'n' Cold and the Magic Pot Game. If you're looking to interact with other people, check out the Trading Card Booth and the Battle Arena. And then there are lots of apps to stamp at [ profile] ivalice_rating!

Posting this is in [ profile] ff_land main because I don't want to push down the entries at [ profile] ff_eventsquare.
Monday August 8, 2011 @ 2:33 am
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Hello there everyone! I meant to post this earlier, but as you may or may not know, the Garden Festival is now OPEN! Feel free to watch [ profile] ff_eventsquare if you're interested in seeing festival-related announcements and such on your friends page (membership is closed to festival organizers, however).

Remember: this event is open to EVERYONE! You don't have to be a member here to join in the fun (although if you DO decide to apply to the comm, you get to keep your gil and points). :)

Here's a rundown of the activities where you can rack up gil and points:
Battle Arena (set up a three-person team and challenge other participants to duels)
Bingo (create a 12-item bingo "card" and participate in a bingo game the weekend after next)
Hunters Guild (special marks appear every so often; hunt them and level up within the clan)
Trading Card Game (start out with a pack of cards and trade them with others in order to end up with the ones you like)
Magic Pot Game (select the right flask in order to get an elixir to appease the Magic Pots)
Chocobo Hot 'n' Cold (dig for treasure with help from your trusty chocobo)
Specialty Job Class Rating (fill out an app and find out which secondary job class fits you best)
Chocobo Races (bet your gil at the chocobo races)
Welcome (go here if you're confused about anything!)

Sorry this is so... unpunctual... Forgive me, [ profile] lightofeilia!
Saturday July 30, 2011 @ 4:21 pm
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Due to the LJ outage, the following deadlines / activities have been pushed back:

!! The Garden Festival !! -- Previously was going to start August 1, but it has now been pushed back to Monday August 8 (and will last until the end of Monday Aug. 22)

Stamping -- [ profile] kermit's application will be stamped Wednesday August 3 (or potentially Saturday Aug. 6 if there aren't enough votes or other apps come in).

Contests -- The current contests in [ profile] ultima_arena will remain open until this Thursday August 4.

I've updated the community calendar to reflect these changes.
Saturday July 2, 2011 @ 1:13 pm
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Hello everyone! You might have seen some mentions of the Garden Festival before, but here's the official announcement -- [ profile] ff_land's first ever Garden Festival will be held from August 1st to August 15th at our shiny new events community, [ profile] ff_eventsquare!

(If you go to that comm, though, it's just a sad and empty place for now, because we're not done setting up yet!)

So what's the Garden Festival? It's basically an excuse to throw a party :D Well, in all seriousness, it's actually so that non-members get a chance to see what it's like in [ profile] ff_land. Right now the only public communities are [ profile] ff_land, [ profile] ff_classchange, and [ profile] moogle_workshop. But for 15 days, there'll be tons of activities and games running, and everyone is welcome to participate, especially non-members!

Even better; if you've participated and decided that hey, it's a pretty fun thing, maybe I wanna join; you'll get to keep all of the prizes that you've won (in the form of game points)!

And for our current members, the Garden Festival is also a chance for you to run activities!

Info for members interested in running their own activity )

Note: The events in [ profile] ff_eventsquare will be public, so you do not need to join it in order to participate in the Garden Festival. The only people that will be invited to it are those running a stand.


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