Monday November 12, 2012 @ 2:22 pm
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Hello all! I apologize for the lateness, but there should be nothing stopping us from starting Game 5 on Nov 15th.

Let me introduce your mod team -- these are the people you want to contact if you have any problems.

Neutral - [ profile] lightofeilia, [ profile] sunflower_mynah, [ profile] toffeethesnob, [ profile] the_404_error, [ profile] xinnk
[ profile] airship_lounge - [ profile] sai_salamander, [ profile] sunflower_mynah, [ profile] toffeethesnob
[ profile] moogle_workshop - [ profile] sunflower_mynah, [ profile] toffeethesnob (art), Yin of [ profile] breyzyyin (fanfic)
[ profile] ff_minigames - [ profile] toffeethesnob, [ profile] the_404_error, [ profile] lightofeilia
[ profile] ultima_arena - [ profile] lightofeilia, [ profile] xinnk

We will have no team mods this game. What's going to happen is that reminders will be posted about twice weekly or once weekly over at [ profile] airship_lounge. Once again, I'd like to remind all members that you can post in your team community even if you are not a team mod.

As soon as we decide alliance (see post below), I'll add members to their respective communities and we can get on with Game 5!
Friday April 13, 2012 @ 9:26 pm
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Hello everyone, and thanks for your patience!

This is the new mod team for Game 4. Except we'll put you guys to work right away, haha.


[ profile] ff_land (Neutral): [ profile] arivess, [ profile] xinnk, [ profile] sunflower_mynah, [ profile] lightofeilia
[ profile] ff_classchange (Sorting): [ profile] the_404_error with [ profile] lightofeilia (invites)


[ profile] airship_lounge (Social): [ profile] sunflower_mynah, [ profile] sai_salamander, [ profile] virago_queen
[ profile] moogle_workshop (Fanworks): [ profile] sunflower_mynah, [ profile] breyzyyin (Yin), with [ profile] chacusha (art points)
[ profile] ff_eventsquare (Events): [ profile] etsplanations
[ profile] ff_minigames (Games): [ profile] arivess, [ profile] naliarenegade, [ profile] rayiroth
[ profile] ultima_arena (Contests): [ profile] chacusha, [ profile] xinnk


[ profile] curaga_casters (White Mages): [ profile] breyzyyin (Yin), [ profile] yunie_sigh, [ profile] mako_lies
[ profile] firaga_casters (Black Mages): [ profile] virago_queen, [ profile] naliarenegade
[ profile] gil_stealers (Thieves): [ profile] katy_111
[ profile] heavenly_lances (Dragoons): [ profile] regann
[ profile] mythril_swords (Soldiers): [ profile] breyzyyin (Breyzy)
[ profile] raging_fists (Monks): [ profile] fromherashes, [ profile] lightofeilia

[ profile] ultima_arena and [ profile] ff_minigames are still tentatively open for a co-mod (ie, open for one, but not necessarily needing), and [ profile] mythril_swords would like one. If you'd like a position that's already filled, please contact either the mod currently heading that position or one of the neutral mods and we'll see if there's an opening for you.

Thank you everyone!
Monday September 19, 2011 @ 11:22 am
chacusha: (ff - lightning)
[personal profile] chacusha
Thank you everyone for stepping up and applying to fill all the open mod positions we had! First off, your new [ profile] ff_land main mods are [ profile] arivess, [ profile] xinnk, and [ profile] zerrat. A BIG welcome and thank you to them!

I have some posts I need to make to finish up Game 2 business (like... the game results...) but after that, you'll mostly be seeing [ profile] zerrat and [ profile] xinnk around these parts and not me.

The new mod team in more detail )

The Monk and Soldier teams are still open for a co-mod, in case anyone is later interested. Until then, [ profile] zerrat will be helping [ profile] freijya as a co-mod.
Saturday May 14, 2011 @ 12:43 pm
chacusha: (kh - aqua)
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Hey everyone, here is the mod team for Game 2. To help manage my load, I've added a couple of positions. Most notably, [ profile] airship_lounge now has a mod ([ profile] zerrat) in charge of social things such as our member directory and birthdays. She's a familiar face around AL, so this shouldn't be much of a surprise. :) AL also now has an administrative mod ([ profile] sunflower_mynah) who will be in charge of tagging the posts in AL. She also manages tags in [ profile] moogle_workshop so this is a pretty natural extension of her current mod duties.

Other changes: [ profile] ultima_arena has a co-mod this time around ([ profile] thedrowned), and I've brought on extra help for tallying in [ profile] moogle_workshop, Yin. Four out of the six teams also have new co-mods. Welcome to the team, guys! :)

× [ profile] ff_land (main): [ profile] chacusha
× [ profile] ff_classchange (sorting): [ profile] roax

× [ profile] airship_lounge (social): [ profile] zerrat & [ profile] sunflower_mynah
× [ profile] ff_minigames (games): [ profile] arivess, [ profile] chacusha, & [ profile] lightofeilia
× [ profile] moogle_workshop (fanworks): [ profile] sunflower_mynah & [ profile] breyzyyin (Yin)
× [ profile] ultima_arena (contests): [ profile] chacusha & [ profile] thedrowned

× [ profile] curaga_casters (white mages): [ profile] breyzyyin (Yin) & [ profile] purpletrance
× [ profile] firaga_casters (black mages): [ profile] the_404_error & [ profile] virago_queen
× [ profile] gil_stealers (thieves): [ profile] arivess
× [ profile] heavenly_lances (dragoons): [ profile] roax & [ profile] thedrowned
× [ profile] mythril_swords (soldiers): [ profile] breyzyyin (Breyzy) & [ profile] tjemd4
× [ profile] raging_fists (monks): [ profile] zerrat & [ profile] lightofeilia


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