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This community is a mix of a stamping game and a team challenge community. Fill out the application to be sorted into one of four Final Fantasy job classes and then participate in the various activities to win points for your team!

To start, join & watch [community profile] finalfantasyland and [community profile] ff_classchange. Then fill out and submit an application at [community profile] ff_classchange (it can be found at the top of the community, in a stickied post. If you want more information, [community profile] ff_classchange has guides on how to apply and how to sort people (members only).

But that's only the beginning! From then on you'll be able to participate in various games and contests, as well as post your fanworks for points. The point of this community is basically:

1. Have fun in various contests.
2. Meet fellow Final Fantasy fans, make friends, be FF geeks together, etc.
3. Produce and share awesome fanworks (fanart, fanfiction, icons/graphics, etc.)

We do not have an activity requirement here, but it is recommended that even if you don't have the time to participate in challenges, you at least comment on others' posts every so often, cheer on your team, etc.

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Complaints, Issues, Etc.
If you have a complaint, an issue, or see a way for this community to be improved, let us know at this post.

This comm was created in the format of [ profile] westerosorting and its parents, comms such as [ profile] hogwarts_elite.


Final Fantasy Land is a Final Fantasy-themed team challenge community, where you are first sorted into one of four FF classes and then compete with your team to win the most points by the end of the game. For more information, see our FAQ.

Cycle 7 start: May 1, 2014
Next point update: July 17