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Name:Final Fantasy Land
Posting Access:Select Members
Community description:An activity/challenge community for Final Fantasy fanworks

Welcome to Final Fantasy Land! This is a team challenge or "land" community of the type that was popularized by Hogwarts sorting communities and whedonland. How it works is that you submit an application at [community profile] ff_classchange and get stamped with a class. You then join the corresponding team and participate in various challenges to get points. Whichever team has the most points by the end of the game is declared the winner! For a more detailed description and everything you'll need to know about this community, see the FAQ post.

1. You are free to join this community and watch it for updates even if not a member, but if you want to participate in this land's activities you MUST be a member.
2. We do not have a particular activity requirement but we ask that you participate in the community somehow, even if it doesn't earn your team points. Commenting on other people's fanworks, cheering on your team, participating in discussions, etc. all count as being active.
3. Please keep this community drama-free. Be respectful of other opinions, treat your fellow members with respect, don't stir up drama on purpose.
4. This is a community for games in the Final Fantasy series. For a list of acceptable games, see this post.
5. Have fun!

Game 1 winner: Team Monk/Thief [banners]
Game 2 winner: Team Black Mage/Dragoon
Game 3 winner: Team Soldier/White Mage
Game 4 winner: Team Monk/Thief/White Mage
Game 5 winner: Team Black Mage/Thief [stats]
Game 6 winner: Canceled - no winner

Cycle 7 starts May 1st and ends July 31st.

[ profile] capcom_rating -- a stamping community for games made by CAPCOM :)
[community profile] ff_exchange -- a Final Fantasy fanwork exchange, where you sign up to make a gift for someone, and someone makes a gift for you!
[ profile] keybladerating -- a Kingdom Hearts-themed stamping community

As we are a newly-resurrected community, we appreciate people helping us get the word out about this place. If you like you can use this code for promoting:

Bravely Default banner

Dreamwidth code:


Crystal banner

Dreamwidth code:


For every person who mentions your name as a referrer on their application, you will earn 60 points for your team (or future team).

[community profile] finalfantasyland (main) :: [community profile] ff_classchange (sorting) :: [community profile] judge_magisters (admin)
[community profile] moogle_workshop (fanworks/social) :: [community profile] ultima_arena (timed activities)
[community profile] firaga_casters (black mages) :: [community profile] treasure_hunters (thieves) :: [community profile] mythril_swords (warriors) :: [community profile] curaga_casters (white mages)

Layout by [personal profile] chacusha. As a whole this community is based on, and outright copied many elements of, [ profile] westerosorting, founded by [ profile] cyshobbitlass, [ profile] deeplyunhip, and [ profile] honest_illusion. It was co-founded with [personal profile] sleipnir. Thank you so much!

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advent children, aerith gainsborough, ashelia b'nargin dalmasca, balthier, before crisis, black mages, cecil harvey, chocobo racing, chocobo tales, chocobo's dungeon, cloud strife, crisis core, crystal bearers, crystals with magical powers, dirge of cerberus, dissidia, dissidia 012, dissidia: final fantasy, dragoons, echoes of time, fanart, fanfiction, ff, ff10, ff11, ff12, ff13, ff14, ff2, ff3, ff4, ff5, ff6, ff7, ff8, ff9, final fantasy, final fantasy classes, final fantasy crystal chronicles, final fantasy i, final fantasy ii, final fantasy iii, final fantasy iv, final fantasy ix, final fantasy legends, final fantasy mystic quest, final fantasy series, final fantasy tactics, final fantasy tactics advance, final fantasy type-0, final fantasy unlimited, final fantasy v, final fantasy versus xiii, final fantasy vi, final fantasy vii, final fantasy viii, final fantasy x, final fantasy x-2, final fantasy xi, final fantasy xii, final fantasy xiii, final fantasy xiii-2, final fantasy xiv, four heroes of light, fran, garnet til alexandros xvii, golbez, grimoire of the rift, icontests, jrpgs, kain highwind, kimahri ronso, kingdom hearts, land communities, landcomms, last order, legend of the crystal, lightning farron, monks, oerba yun fang, ramza beoulve, revenant wings, rikku, ring of fates, rinoa heartilly, rpgs, rydia of mist, seifer almasy, sephiroth, snow villiers, soldiers, spirits within, squall leonheart, square enix, terra branford, the after years, thieves, tidus, tifa lockhart, vaan, vagrant story, video games, vivi orunitia, war of the lions, white mages, yuna, zidane tribal
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