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This community is a mix of a stamping game and a team challenge community. Fill out the application to be sorted into one of four Final Fantasy job classes and then participate in the various activities to win points for your team!

To start, join & watch [community profile] finalfantasyland and [community profile] ff_classchange. Then fill out and submit an application at [community profile] ff_classchange (it can be found at the top of the community, in a stickied post. If you want more information, [community profile] ff_classchange has guides on how to apply and how to sort people (members only).

But that's only the beginning! From then on you'll be able to participate in various games and contests, as well as post your fanworks for points. The point of this community is basically:

1. Have fun in various contests.
2. Meet fellow Final Fantasy fans, make friends, be FF geeks together, etc.
3. Produce and share awesome fanworks (fanart, fanfiction, icons/graphics, etc.)

We do not have an activity requirement here, but it is recommended that even if you don't have the time to participate in challenges, you at least comment on others' posts every so often, cheer on your team, etc.


[community profile] finalfantasyland: This is the main community. Membership is open, and here mods will post any announcements (e.g. point updates, rule changes, reminders, activity summaries, etc.) related to Final Fantasy Land.
[community profile] ff_classchange: This is the stamping community. Go here as a first step to get assigned to a team. Applications are voted on throughout the week and stamped on a Sunday (schedule may change, we'll announce it).

Main communities and Activity communities are public, so anyone can check us out, but commenting is restricted to members only.

[community profile] moogle_workshop: A social community where you can interact with all members of FF Land and share your fanworks (fanwork recommendations). Posting fanworks will earn you a small number of points according to our point guide available in this community.
[community profile] ultima_arena: This is the main community for earning points. Minigames and contests will be posted here regularly.

There are four team communities where members can socialize with their team, cheer each other on, plan team strategy, etc. Only people who have been stamped with a class can view that team comm's entries.
[community profile] mythril_swords: Team comm for Warriors
[community profile] curaga_casters: Team comm for White Mages
[community profile] firaga_casters: Team comm for Black Mages
[community profile] treasure_hunters: Team comm for Thieves

Mod Team
Mods: [personal profile] lightofeilia, [personal profile] chacusha

If you're interested in helping out with modding, contact either one of us or go here.

Earning Points
How to earn points in this community:
• Sorting people at [community profile] ff_classchange
• Participating in activities in [community profile] ultima_arena
• Posting fanworks in [community profile] moogle_workshop
• Referring people to the comm

Here's a detailed guide by community of how to earn points and how many points you can earn:

[community profile] ff_classchange
• Stamping an app = 10 points
• Getting mentioned as a referrer in an app = 60 points

[community profile] ultima_arena
• Voting in visual contests or contests that require minimal reading = 5 points
• Voting in fiction and essay contests (contests that require a significant amount of reading) = 10 points
• Voting in long fiction contests (requiring 10K+ words of reading) = 15 points
• Making banners for the winners= 10 points per banner
• Submitting a contest entry = a small amount of participation points; refer to specific challenge post
• Winning = a large amount of points; refer to specific challenge post
• Participating/winning a minigame; refer to specific minigame post

[community profile] moogle_workshop
• A detailed write-up can be found here. Generally, any creation that is yours and has not been posted to other places prior to you joining ff_land will be awarded points.

Activity Requirement
We do not have an activity requirement. We won't cut you from your team if you don't participate in anything for X weeks. That said, we do have an expectation that you will give our activities a try when you join, and that you be active where possible. Any of the following counts as "being active":

• Doing anything that earns points for your team (see above)
• Participating in discussions in [community profile] moogle_workshop, interacting with other members
• Commenting on fanworks

If you do at least one of the above, you will be considered an active member here. :)

Tag Banners
Tag banners (also called sigtags, sigs, etc.) are a small image people sometimes put at the bottom of their comments to identify who they are and what team they belong to. You can make your own tag banner at any point in the game, or ask someone to make one for you, but keep these guidelines in mind:

Tag banners have a max height of 200 pixels. Please do NOT go over this height because it means people have to do more scrolling. The max width is 350 pixels, although this is more flexible. If your tag banner is wider than 350 px but significantly less tall than 200 px, most likely no one will notice/mind. Be reasonable with your tag banner sizes. (Tag banners with smaller dimensions than 350x200 are of course allowed.)

Tag banners must include (1) your name or username, and (2) your team. Your team must be legible so as to help mods quickly see what team you're on for giving points and such.

You can use any image you like for your banner. The image doesn't have to be of a character from the class you've been sorted into. They don't even have to be Final Fantasy-related at all. Just be sure that you put your team on the banner, though, to avoid confusion!

Tag banners can be used in any place that asks for you to include your team name as a replacement for writing your team (voting on applications, minigame and contest activities, etc.). Some mods will award a bonus point for using tag banners at their discretion. If so, it'll be stated in the post.

For those who feel strongly that they were put on a team they don't associate with / cannot be enthusiastic about, there will be a chance to restamp but only between games, and only with a special restamping app.

When the restamping app is posted, you can fill it out and either post it to the comm directly or email it to for it to be posted anonymously.

Complaints, Issues, Etc.
If you have a complaint, an issue, or see a way for this community to be improved, let us know at this post.

This comm was created in the format of [ profile] westerosorting and its parents, comms such as [ profile] hogwarts_elite.

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