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Banners for Game 1

Congratulations to all teams on making it through the first game! Here are individual team banners. (Team mods, feel free to stick these in the profile of your comm. :))

Thanks to all my co-mods for helping me come up with the name of the awards. :)

And here are some stats for this game:

Total: 10181 (1st)
Sorting: 986 [10%] (1st)
Contests: 5458 [54%] (1st)
Fanworks: 1032 [10%] (3rd)
Minigames: 2705 [26%] (1st)
Total: 3038 (6th)
Sorting: 875 [29%] (2nd)
Contests: 1039 [34%] (6th)
Fanworks: 0 [0%] (6th)
Minigames: 1124 [37%] (3rd)
Total: 6293 (3rd)
Sorting: 806 [13%] (3rd)
Contests: 1616 [26%] (5th)
Fanworks: 2931 [46%] (1st)
Minigames: 940 [15%] (4th)
Total: 3465 (5th)
Sorting: 501 [14%] (6th)
Contests: 1820 [53%] (3rd)
Fanworks: 499 [14%] (5th)
Minigames: 645 [19%] (6th)
Total: 9306 (2nd)
Sorting: 640 [7%] (4th)
Contests: 5074 [55%] (2nd)
Fanworks: 1882 [20%] (2nd)
Minigames: 1710 [18%] (2nd)
Total: 3612 (4th)
Sorting: 515 [14%] (5th)
Contests: 1670 [46%] (4th)
Fanworks: 576 [16%] (4th)
Minigames: 854 [24%] (5th)
Total: 35895
Sorting: 4323 [12%]
Contests: 16677 [47%]
Fanworks: 6920 [19%]
Minigames: 7975 [22%]

Remember: mod evaluations and the chance to be restamped end on Wednesday!

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Great information to have!

Is the statistical placement based upon absolute score relative to other teams?

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Total: 6293 (3rd)
Sorting: 806 [13%] (3rd)
Contests: 1616 [26%] (5th)
Fanworks: 2931 [46%] (1st)
Minigames: 940 [15%] (4th)

Not... entirely unsurprising there. :3

I think Victory Fanfare ( might be in order...

Celebrations aside, let's go, Raging Fists of Awesome! Let's make ourselves the team to dominate in fanworks again, during the next round of the Game! *high fives all Monks reading this*

And hopefully the White Mages will also benefit from Operation: God's Hand.

/steeples fingers.

Good work to the other teams! Nice to see the strengths of everyone else mapped out in such a neat fashion. I love how the Black Mages and the Thieves absolutely dominated the contests. *laugh*

are you sure those numbers are all correct? How can the Monks be 4th for minigames (940) when the Soldiers are 3rd at 645?

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How can the Monks be 4th for minigames (940) when the Soldiers are 3rd at 645?
~Yeah: I think that would make us 6th in the Minigames category. ...And then we'd be 5th for Fanworks instead of 6th if I'm reading the numbers correctly. :)

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Yeah, that was another thing I noticed and managed to forget in the space it took to type the comment. *facepalm* Totally agreed, anyhow.

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Mm, that was the point of my initial question. Just verifying how the calculations were made.

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The awards look awesome (and I love the names for them! They're all so fitting!)! It is also neat seeing the stats of each team like that too, so thank you for including them. XD Congrats to all of the teams! ♥

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Interesting! I love how we got first in 4 out of 5 categories. XD Decimating the competition ftw. ... what? I said congrats all the teams last time, so this time I get to boast about the collective win of our team.

*adds the pretty banner to the community profile*
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Clearly we need to work on our fanwork-producing. xD

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Yes, we really need to learn how to make 200+ icon posts or 20,000+ word fics. ;-; Master that, and we'll truly be unstoppable! ... lol, the monks definitely deserve the first place on that one.

Since I'm more comfortable with fic writing now, I'll try to write more next time at least?

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I usually think I'm doing really good to make like 50 icons and 5000 words at a time. xD; *shoots envious glares at Z and the unstoppable Thief icon-making duo*

That'll be cool! You're doing quite well. ^^
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I kind of figure once I start turning out a few drabbles on a more frequent basis under the new system... XD WILL TRY.

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Hehe, wonderful. I'll put that one into the Dragoon userinfo -- would you like it on a separate server?

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...Oh yeah. Userinfo. I never thought about that. >.>; I should do that too. ..........And the big victory banners, shouldn't I. XD;

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Oh wow, those banners are amazing and I like how the information is set up too. Great job, everyone! ♥ :)

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Those banners are absolutely gorgeous. ♥

Congratulations again to everyone on the incredible first round.

Is it June 1st yet?

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Oh wow, those banners are amazing! ♥

Congratulations, everyone! You guys all rock! :)

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Hurrah! (Oh my gosh the detailed results amuse me so much. XD)
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Love the banners! And the detailed results make me laugh. XD Monks totally deserve their first place in fanworks. Totally.

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Awesome! Thanks for posting :D GO MONKS!