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Hello all! Our move to DreamWidth is almost complete! Please make sure you have access to the following communities:

Game 6 is opening May 1st! Please help to promote FFLand to recruit new members~!

We will no longer be updating livejournal (If mods would like to cross-post to LJ from DW they are welcome to do so but I will not be enforcing it so it is up to the mod's discretion). The only cross-posts will be in airship_lounge where our lovely reminder-poke-poke mods Breyzy and Yin will post their reminder posts (links will be to DW community)!

If you've any questions please comment here!
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Is there going to be communities for the various classes opening up?
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Alright! Thank you for the prompt response! ♥ Hopefully we can generate more interest!