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chacusha ([personal profile] chacusha) wrote in [community profile] finalfantasyland2014-08-03 10:10 am
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Apologies, cycle extension, and need help!

Hey everyone! So sorry for being MIA. I've got so much craziness going on in my real life that I just dropped all my internet things at once (seriously, if you're curious, feel free to friend me and read my recent entries -- sigh!).

I'd like to set August 31st for the end of the cycle, and run the Hair Battle by then (I'm still working on it -- sorry it's taking so long!). However, I think I'll need some help to make that happen. Namely, I need someone to help run activities while I run the Hair Battle, because I don't think I can do both.

You don't have to come up with activity ideas, because Eilia and I already brainstormed more than enough to last a month (but if you have ideas you want to do, that's cool). I could also optionally use some help with keeping track of points. If you're interested, let me know!

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