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Reminder Post

Hello, members of [community profile] finalfantasyland! This is Yin, here with another Reminder Post. I hope things are going well for all of you! ♥ We have a LAST MINUTE REMINDER and a deadline extension, so let's get to it, shall we? XD

7.02 - Villain Fic Challenge (Results)
--> Congratulations to challenge winner [personal profile] amoris and participant Breyzy! ♥

--> Congratulations to participants [personal profile] chacusha, [personal profile] glacialphoenix, Breyzy, and [personal profile] lady_nova! ♥

7.10: [Contest] Mythological Figures Graphics
DEADLINE EXTENSION: Tuesday July 8 @ 11:59P EDT (3:59AM GMT)

7.11: Hair Battle - Nominations
--> Closed, but seconding of nominations is still greatly appreciated!

7.12: He Said She Said Game
LAST MINUTE DEADLINE: Thursday July 3 @ 11:59P EDT (3:59AM GMT)


{Fan Fic} Regret (by Breyzy of [personal profile] breyzyyin)

Spoiler Policy for Final Fantasy Type-0 Announcement

Point Update: May 16-June 12

I believe that is it for reminders. I hope everyone has a great end of the week. :D

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