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Spoiler Policy

Hey everyone, just wanted to officially announce a spoiler policy going into effect. Normally, this community is pretty lax about spoilers (considering it's very difficult for a person to have played every Final Fantasy game, hence some spoiling is always a possibility even for games 10+ years old), but with the staggered release of Final Fantasy Type-0 (fan translation out, official translation coming at some time TBD), we're going to put a spoiler effect into place.

This means:

In [community profile] moogle_workshop: Spoilery Type-0 fanworks are allowed to be posted and will get points, but they must be marked with a spoiler warning above the cut. Same thing with discussions/meta thoughts -- they can be posted but clearly mark the post as having Type-0 spoilers and put the discussion under a cut.
In [community profile] ultima_arena: Only non-spoilery Type-0 fanworks will be accepted for contests and activities. For example, graphics made from promotional images/trailers are okay. Graphics made from a screenshot that hasn't been released by S-E is not. Most fic would be not allowed.

Let me know if you have any questions!

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