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chacusha ([personal profile] chacusha) wrote in [community profile] finalfantasyland2014-05-25 01:03 pm
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Neutral mods rejoining teams

Hey everyone, Eilia and I were talking, and we were thinking it might be better if the two of us switch to being non-neutral mods i.e. I'd earn points for the Black Mages and Eilia would earn points for whatever her new team is. Or if that's not seen as fair, maybe we could have our points donated to the team in fourth place at the time. I'm planning on posting some fanworks soon, so let me know if you have opinions either way so that I know how to handle points for those.

Also, I forget who it was who volunteered to post reminders, but whoever it was, I'm thinking I'll just give you posting access to this comm ([community profile] finalfantasyland) and you can post a reminder about once a week, timed to be a day or two before an activity that might be closing.

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