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After discussing it in the mod comm, all the mods agreed that bringing up a new "should we move to DW poll?" is a good idea given lj's... everything. Moving to Dreamwidth was brought up before, but was struck down since it was a draw. (Lol, I was in the "let's not" category and my opinion certainly changed after lj seems to be pushing people away.)

Reasons brought up for moving:
- Lj's new comment system / profile / post new entry formats are hideous and if their next move is to force everyone to use the new flist page... well... lol, I actually wrote this on DW and then copied and pasted it as I don't like looking at the new post entry page on lj
- Lj is always crashing at vital times, almost always during events we try to host (I haven't used DW for more than a few months, but so far I haven't had trouble with it.)
- Communities on DW are, for the most part, still alive.
- Lj itself is becoming a ghost town.
- People haven't been receiving comment alerts lately, especially from communities. They tend to be erratic. Edit: Like how I'm not getting comment alerts for this entry, lol, how appropriate.
- Almost everyone has a DW account by this point.

Reasons brought up against:
- None, lol, however, I can see the argument that some members may not move with us, which wouldn't help our activity any. There could be a general reminder post still posted on lj every week though, just as a note for people who don't check DW as often.

So... uh... pretty straightforward poll:

[Poll #1902458]

(I realize there could be some in-between opinions, but in that case, please comment so we know the specifics ^^)

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