Wednesday May 24, 2017 @ 10:19 am
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my Mor icon is lyricless--

I need to change this.

Hopefully the lyrics fairy punches me in the face sometime today while I'm busy with work.

Edit: yes I am a dork-- all my icons need lyrics or they don't feel complete

Maybe Bubblegum Bitch by Marina and the Diamonds?
Tuesday May 23, 2017 @ 11:11 pm
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We won't talk about work-- we just won't, because that is when I get angry and then I want to punch people in the face

Instead I will talk about how much I am enjoying "A Court of Wings and Ruin" by Sarah J. Maas.

I like her Aelin Galithenius series alright, I suppose; though some (most) of the characters don't resonate with me like the Court series. And I actually hated the first book when I read it, A Court of Thorns and Roses was not my most favorite because I didn't care for Tamlin, I didn't like Feyre (until things happened that made her a more interesting character) but I read the next book, and Sarah J. Maas rained down on me a sea of INTERESTING CHARACTERS (tm). I adored Mor, Amren, Cassian, Azriel and Rhysand, they were my squad goals right there, and then you got to see more of Feyre's sisters (whom also A++++), and that is quite simply a recipe for epic.

The Throne of Glass series was interesting but the characters for the most part-- Caleana was too cocky, I didn't really like Chaol, I didn't like her other significant other, her mate-- I did like Lysandra but only because I have a big fondness for bitchy bitches (*waves the Team Nesta flag*), and yeah, I did like the Blackbeaks, my favorite part of the entire book was that coven of witches.

But for me, a book hinges on interesting characters-- if a book doesn't have characters that I like (or enough of them), it falls flat.

Rome was saved for good characterizations.

Look at Twilight-- I disliked the main couple, but I did like the side characters and they were the only reason I kept listening to the audiobook when otherwise I would of been like "KILL THE BOOK WITH FIRE"-- so yes, I can say that Twilight has 'some' merit, not a lot but some; certainly not enough to think that a 20 year old werewolf imprinting on a 5 year old is fine-- ewww Stephanie Meyers, EWWWW!)

Now to start making some Sarah J. Maas icons!

How is everyone's week going?

Hopefully well!
Sunday May 21, 2017 @ 5:29 pm
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Alright, I've poured myself a glass of wine and I'm raring to go.

House update: We went through the general inspection and there are a lot of really 'little' things wrong with the house-- a few things that could add up over time, and we've requested that the seller take care of those first. It is a 'flipped' house so there are some things that we are surprised that wasn't addressed-- a few plugs that do not work-- poor insulation on the deck steps right by the back door-- we have gotten the process going on the home loan but here's hoping that those things get worked out. The stuff worries Owen more then it does me-- or rather the cosmetic stuff, but I figure that there are things that I shouldn't worry about-- things that will have no bearing on how the house runs and/or will not be detrimental to the house in the long run.

I can still see myself in the house but Owen is a capricorn and worries easily-- so who knows.

We went to Meijers and I bought myself the new Sarah J. Maas book, "Court of Wings and Ruin"-- I prefer it before the other series of hers (blasphemy-- I know, but then it hinges on how I like the main characters, and I like Feyre and Rhysand better then I do the main characters in the Throne of Glass series.) I am reading the book now but I know it's gonna be slow going with everything that's going on in my life-- here is to finishing the book before the summer starts!

I watched Harlots and I think that was the season's end; I hope that it comes back for another season because it was really good and I think that those storylines really did come to a head and wrap up but I also see that there are a lot of open endedness so that they can find new things to write about in the series.

I finished the plotline for FFXIV, and while I don't have precisely what I want in terms of how I want to go into Stormsblood, I figure that I am close enough to being optimally geared up in SMN that I can make the direct crossover and it won't be much of a stretch to do so (it's hard running )

Okay that's all the update for today-- and yet I still haven't finished my glass of wine!
Saturday May 20, 2017 @ 9:53 pm
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All ready to launch into Stormblood when it comes out--

And let me say, I am halfway in love with Lyse (even though I didn't care much for Yda-- that part when she revealed herself sort of got me right in the gut)

And yes, I made an icon to commemorate my love for her.
Saturday May 20, 2017 @ 5:43 pm
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I've never done one of these-- so bear with me! Taken from [community profile] thefridayfive

1. How did you name your pets?

L.I.T.A and D.I.T.A came from this crack conversation myself and an ex-boyfriend had regarding his brother-- where this cybernetic kitty is created to take him out-- complete with lasers for eyes, machete claws and a stinger attached to the tail which emits highly toxic poison-- D.I.T.A which stands for "Death Incarnate To All". Then when I met D.I.T.A-- I decided I wanted her sister too and thus came "Love Incarnate To All"

Little did I know that their personalities would switch, L.I.T.A is the one most likely to kill someone while D.I.T.A is a little cuddlebutt. Generally pets are named after the current addictions of the moment, or some sort of crack theory.

2. Poirot or Miss Marpel?

Miss Marpel-- because girl power

3. Do you have a FB account too?

I do-- it is Here for all interested (feel free to add me, as most of you I know are pretty liberal and won't trigger me-- yeah, that's a pretty way of saying that for the most part I trust my flist).

4. Books - hardcover or paperback

All depends-- if it's a book that I seriously need RIGHT NOW (I am looking at you "Court of Wings and Ruin"; damn you and your stupid cliffhanger at the end), then I will cave and buy the hardcover-- but generally I prefer paperback)

5. Mobile(cell phone): Windows/Android or Apple?

I have an Android-- I wouldn't know what to do with an iphone even if I did have one (though Owen has an iphone and will ask me how to do things on his phone and I am like "Oh gods, I don't know how to apple!")
Wednesday May 17, 2017 @ 12:59 am
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Well house update--

We submitted an offer, and it was accepted! So that lovely house is gonna be ours!

This month me and Owen play at being adults, this will be interesting (Who am I kidding, I will be playing at being an adult-- Owen is a capricorn and thereby born old)


I also have to do a wiccan cleansing so I'll probably go to one of the pagan stores in Louisville and buy stuff to do that. If anyone is pagan and has a cleansing spell, send it my way!
Tuesday May 16, 2017 @ 9:06 am
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Wow, the icon I made last night (as stress relief) was the first one to come up on the list-- and it's simple, but it's Aerith-- so come on, it has to be some sort of simple, no red light (which is my honest to god icon signature, it's hard to get rid of that little red flare)-- just Aerith in all her holy glory and with the song of inspiration being "The Old Ways" by Loreena McKennit-- because she dies, and that is a quintessential "too good for this world' song (and let's face it, music inspires me so much that I have to make my keywords as lyrics from songs that just fit)

*come on you guys, FFVII has been out for like years, half as long as I am-- spoiler warnings should be moot for that game, everyone knows she dies and I think the status of limitation has worn out on any type of spoilery-warning. It's similar to Xenogears and the whole 'eating people' thing. it is like they created the Solarians and thought-- how can we make these people in the sky 'not' like the Zealians from Chrono Trigger-- I know-- MECHA-- AND WAIT, HOW ABOUT SOYLENT GREEN!


The last song on my icon drop-down menu--

Zoicite from Sailor Moon; using a song off of Duran Duran's "All you Need Now" album-- very pop trash just like I imagine that character to be.

On unrelated note-- let's get this girl the coffee so she can do the workee
Tuesday May 16, 2017 @ 1:02 am
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Why do I even bother posting when we all know that mondays are the worst day of the week for me.

But it also had to do with inept realtor and his inability to communicate anything coherant to us; the only reason we are using him is because we were pressured into it by family.

Sunday May 14, 2017 @ 11:25 am
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I wanted an icon of Megan Followes Anne from the early 90s Anne of Green Gables series however I wanted the hair to just pop (because it's the hair that makes Anne, as well as her brilliant and sparkling personality-- I thought, red gradient-- there is nothing that could POSSIBLY go wrong. So here I am, experimenting with different light textures--

Then I accidentally make THIS --->

WOAH BESSIE-- IT IS NOT DEMON SPELLED WITH AN E OF GREEN GABLES OKAY! (I wonder how many bodies are buried down the white way of delight?)


I sort of want to use it, because it's definitely cracktastic---

And I sprinkle all things with a little crack because it's not fun to take your fandoms seriously
Saturday May 13, 2017 @ 5:00 pm
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Owen and I have found our dream home-- we made an offer but we are not sure that it will get accepted-- it is a place that I can see myself growing old with Owen in. I can see it snow covered, rain soaked, a little porch swing on the porch so that we can rock in the evenings. Doesn't it look like something out of Anne of Green Gables-- it is a house that NEEDS a name. And I want to name it-- the kitchen is beautiful and big, there is a bathtub that is deep and perfect for reading-- stairs with a sunny spot that the cats can lounge on.

We are going to talk to the Loan officier on monday and then submit an offer

I cannot help but thing that this house is perfect, that it is meant for us.

I hope so-- I really do.


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