Tuesday March 28, 2017 @ 12:15 am
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So the lucky winner of icon #100 is Asche from Tales of the Abyss-- and the song used is "Cry" from the new Take That CD (I am actually super pleased with this icon-- no words to describe it, it came out perfectly!)
Saturday March 25, 2017 @ 10:01 pm
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Okay, so I am ready to party! I hope y'all are having a great weekend! <3
Thursday March 23, 2017 @ 11:48 pm
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So funny thing happened today-- of course everyone will remember how I constantly recognizing problem co-worker Mariah--

Well today I was coming out of the fridge (I had just put product in there) and I open the door and I almost hit Mariah in the face, I mean I am not going to be mean and not apologize-- especially when I opened the door with enough force to knock back someone substantial much less a five foot older lady. So I say "I am sorry Mariah, I didn't mean to almost hit you" then I walk out to get the next skid that is ready to be fridge bound...

Then I feel this touch at my arm, I look to my right and see Mariah looking up at me with puppy eyes, then she grabs me and hugs me and says "I am sorry"-- completely unexpected. Perhaps it's the fact that I apologized for almost doing something or maybe it is because her bitch boy is gonna be on vacation next week and so she wants to get in my good graces, no matter-- I hug her back and tell her it's okay then I sweep her side of the floor for her because life is too short to hold grudges.

I feel so much better even though I have every cause to suspect her motivations, I am just not going to worry about it-- I am tired and I have to be up early tomorrow for relabeling. It was nice though to hear an apology come from her lips though.

On unrelated note, Take That CD is ordered on Amazon, MP3s downloaded and I am going to listen to it on the way to work! Woohoo!

On Saturday I am going to a Drag Club, oh gosh-- that's gonna be it's own special sort of amazing!

Sometimes life proves that it's not so bad after all! /ENFP
Wednesday March 22, 2017 @ 11:42 pm
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So today was a day of small victories and most of it was me going in with a pretty optimistic and it started to be the theme throughout the day-- I got my work done, I managed a smile to most everyone (with the exception of Mariah whom I just ignore, it's how it goes) and while I did snap at someone at the end of the night, I apologized quickly (it was because Mariah is that type of person is that when someone is happy and she doesn't like that person, she will try to undermine them at any opportunity)

And on the way home I tried to find lyrics for that Caeda icon and then when I got home and in front of the computer, suddenly the song fell into my lap so there is one icon with lyrics reference, whew


That's beautiful, there has been some really wanky secrets as of late (I guess that is why they are posted anonymously)

I am so proud of the internet *tear*
Monday March 20, 2017 @ 11:21 pm
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So I just found out that Take That is coming out with yet another album--

Seriously I have been living under a rock! Last time they came out with an album, I stayed up til 7 AM britain time (I think it was 3 my time) to hear the song play on the airwaves for the first time ever. And yet, I miss the first playing of it, I miss the MUSIC VIDEO (by five days) with like four days out until the album releases

Well here, Take That-- take my money NOW!

Though looking at the music video, Howard Donald now looks very much like Jason Orange, which leads me to believe that he went single white (fe)male on Jason-- Tibet, my ass-- Howard has Jason's body hidden somewhere. I am not used to a slender Howard Donald-- I am used to bulky man man who doesn't like clothing very much.

Yes, I realize this is how conspiracy theories start.
Sunday March 19, 2017 @ 7:42 pm
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A year does not go by without Fandom_Secrets deciding to do some Snape Bashing-- except this time it was a secret where 'defense of snape' occurs, and then all the Snape Haters come in going "YOU ARE SO WRONG OMG!!!????"--

He wasn't the greatest person on the planet but I don't think he was total and utter shit. People need to grow the fuck up.
Sunday March 19, 2017 @ 11:30 am
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My list of things to do today:

1.) buy earplugs
2.) go to Aldi's to buy groceries

3.) Tales of Beseria (and one round of FFXIV-- Diadem, maybe I can finally earn my pegasus mount)
4.) see if I want to make curry or not
5.) Finish "The Dark Lady" by Maire Clairmont
Sunday March 19, 2017 @ 2:09 am
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I saw Beauty and the Beast on friday! And I would just like to say that it is everything that I really expected AND wanted-- I read a few reviews that pretty much slammed the movie, but I didn't pay too much mind to it (as I think that reviewers are inclined to be prejudiced in terms of reviews, and it's better to approach it from the fact that you are not the reviewers and you may have a differing opinion).

I really liked how they made the movie realistic and yet still with that whimsical charm.

I also like the LeFou redemption at the end, I thought it was brilliant-- so really while there was flack for a villian sidekick being gay, I think by giving him his moment of heroism, they made it even better, mad props!

(The 3 second dance with another man during the end, well I think that it was silly for a bunch of people to get their panties in a bunch-- seriously right wingers-- grow the fuck up)

Right now I am trying to do some manga colouring of Zavied from Tales of Beseria for iconning purposes; now this is where I approach shaky ground in regards to icon making since I used to be really good at it, so by all intents and purposes, I am likely rusty-- CROSSING MY FINGERS!

Hopefully y'all are having a most excellent weekend!


- I started simple; but yeah-- NEW ICON, GET!
Thursday March 16, 2017 @ 11:36 pm
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So I was going through and looking at old icons and I've added a few more that I thought were exceptionally good-- and I also made a Krelian icon, because while I was at work I heard the song "Just One Yesterday" by Fall Out Boy which totally fit what I wanted to go with for the Krelian icon that I was working on-- it's simple, but then I didn't want to give the Krelian icon a whole lot of excess to it

(Krelian from Xenogears, not Krelian from DragonballZ, for everyone's information...)

So I've been banned from Mariah's line-- which is FINE by me. I didn't do anything aside from that kerfuffle that happened. What it came down to was that now Mariah hates my guts and went to the supervisor who has pretty much put me anywhere but her line. Really, this isn't a punishment, it's actually a reward of the highest degree and if Mike approaches me about it or anything like that (and he'd be wise NOT to), I will tell him exactly what happened

I will also mention about Mariah telling Mike that I never worked sundays (Complete FALLACY, as whenever I can pick up a Sunday morning, I will)--

I may just sign up for overtime on fridays-- and if Mariah doesn't want to work with me, I will just tell her to keep to 'her side of the table'-- because I am as entitled to overtime hours as she is.

I wonder why I am fueding with a 66 year old lady, then I remember that I am ignoring her-- so it's not precisely a fued. Now if she calls me out or brings the fight, I will bring it right back. She's 5 ft, I can take her in a fight!

Anyways I hope everyone is doing alright!~ <3

Tomorrow Owen is taking me to see Beauty and the Beast! OMG I can't wait!


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